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cultural storm..

Like a flash of lightning full of colours …

·      I'm reliving my memories and I'm interacting with the place which reflects my cultural practice associated with it …

·      It's as if my memory tells me that there's more I want to get from this culture, from this place, than these practices …

·      It's still moving and releasing colours …

​For me, this video is part of the process of developing my artwork; it documents the situation in which I live and the cultural practice which reflects a part of my culture that confirms the theory of the experience of living during and after the experiment.

All these different videos reflect practices, custom and ritual in my country. It helped me think about how I could continue to look for this culture in the new place I've moved to in the UK by searching for it, testing it in the new location and bringing in the meanings it contains.

Culture movement …

·      One of experiments which I have done is a video using a range of influences, depicting culture in different places. 

·      I was looking for the answer to the question: How can a place visualize Saudi culture through sensory drawing practices? A place that doesn't look like it’s face and  identity. 

·      Is there going to be something interesting? 

·      I found the place and the dates in constant motion without stopping to the point where she reaches the moon, and the world sees her clearly; it moves between the planets and returns to the world for humans to pick it up and to circulate it in their hands.

·      It's like she's confirming something to us.

·      There is a new place which represents the world, represents other cultures which  makes harmony and creates a new shape which is not faceless but more creative.

Experimentation in different places

The Daily routine and spatial occasions from Saudi culture practices have been formed in different images, which was based on the dates as a focal element in several composition and colours to relocate my culture through the date in a new place. 

Jummah day, one of thees occasions which all families meet together in space around (the date), a small piece of food welcomed the people, making them meet together, be in all days of happiness and sadness.
In this video, I put these photos in my new location in (London). I saw my shadow, like my memory, looking to find my culture in the new area; I saw my culture interact with this place. The sound that coming from outside pushes me to go outside through my balcony. I saw a new community for this culture through the natural colour and environmental elements. The rows in the street, the words in buildings, the area sound surrounding with paper movement create interaction between two cultures witch like the new place adopting my culture.

This work delivers me to think more about what dose happens to my original culture if I am reposting it; in the new location?
In other words, how the new place adopting my culture? 

I try to dive deep into you to find all the meanings ...


From the beginning until the end, I am still searching for all the meanings which al Tahmarah contains, to find myself diving in and delving into it to reach a new world. I see the date in the middle between me and this place. So has it let us practise new rituals together without us realizing it?

The repeated movement of the abstract circle lines takes me again and again into a deep place containing the meaning and content through al Tamarah. To find in the end a place which combines more than one culture through the infinite overlap between the cultural image and the surrounding community, as a mirror reflects a same shape, but more than this, something which makes us combine to be more creative. 

Through this work, I find that cultural objects inspire different communities to communicate harmoniously to engage in any practice without feeling any differences, to enjoy creating a cultural way which brings together different cultures.



The date seeds in white utensils generate more of each other; it creates places where we return to make the connection between us, in the area which, despite our busyness, we have been still wrapped around it. It is the date community.

In Saudi Arabia, dates have long been an essential part of Saudi food and custom. They have been a constant and central part of Saudi cultural life throughout history up to the present day. Dates are both in happy and sad occasions; sharing dates when people meet together and generate community throughout Saudi society. 

In this video, I see the people, society and the world around the date. It is like practising between different people in many areas and a different culture. It has made a place for us where we can contact more.

In this work, I liked how the dates inside plates, and I want to play with reflects it through the projector in ample space and look at how the audience will be interacting with these photos and videos reflection. To see more if the audience can be the central part of my work which help me to understand how the new place adopts my culture and looks about all notion that is coming with this interaction.

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