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Date With Other Cultural Objects..

I've put the date here to explore it in the new place..
I found it evoke its original place..
yellow coffee, green cardamom, red saffron reflect the colourful desert, which represented ALTammrah in a new space that meets us again around it to remind us of the smell of the original place.

In this work I played with the traditional cultural accompaniments to the date, Arabic coffee, saffron and cardamom, to compare the date with the other elements in order to know why I chose the date as an example of the Saudi culture of hospitality. I found that these elements evoke the original place of hospitality in the Saudi desert, while I am in another place at my table in a different country, and this represents the vital link between these elements in the representation of the original culture and paramount among them is the date.

The date here evokes the culture, memory, places and history in a virtual location in addition to the traditional hospitality places which I share with my children; which reminds us of the family places in Saudi, which are filled with hospitality and connections and enable us to continuity of communication in the current new place where we are now.

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