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The date as an object of welcome

​white wire, 25x15

February 2021


After receiving the Unit 1 feedback, I thought about how I could go deeper to improve my idea and I found that notions of hospitality are more closely related to my idea, which can improve it.


These processes focus on the meaning of hospitality in Saudi culture, asking how a repositioned cultural element can present concepts associated with its original culture in different spaces. The work explores topics such as containment, welcome, relationships and social spaces, the expression of the concept of hospitality in the contemporary art community and the tools associated with the date and with welcoming in the new world.


Ali and Stephenson argued that “the social space for hospitality does not exist in isolation but extends within private and commercial spaces” (2018:13). The imposed lockdown caused me to lose the opportunity to examine this directly with people, which pushed me to experiment with this element in different ways in social spaces. I thought about how I could use the date in open space​s where I can evoke the date in outside areas and monitor the relationships surrounding it.


The abstract shape represents the date; it is the result of my drawings and studies which I transferred from a 2D drawing to a 3D structure using white wire, which helped me to evoke the presence of the date in outside spaces and to monitor the relationships surrounding it so that I can observe and understand the meanings through this element. 


I tested this work outdoors in a public space in London. I saw special openings through the object’s outlines, combining different people, elements and colours which interpreted the date as an object of welcome. I found this object to become a gathering point in these spaces, and the continued movement in these social areas formed stations for the date as a central object. The different colours of red and white made relationships between all the elements surrounding the main object. Also, the position of the item created a sense of this connection between the date and the world around it.


This experience was very interesting for me, but I want to look more deeply into direct interaction from the participants which I can observe through the reactions which the object provokes. Maybe I need to enhance this by changing this small subject into a massive object with which people can interact directly.


The British artist Rich McCor (known as ‘Paperboyo’) (see Figure 16) combines paper cut-outs and photography by placing black designs in the foreground of his images with buildings and structures in the background to create a unique compositional minutieusement.


He presents different ideas through these photographs in a simple way which relies on his broad imagination. He has succeeded in achieving meaning in elegant, vital and attractive pictures in these unique studies, but I think that his work is purely aesthetic in its aim to create a creative image. Unlike Paperboyo, my aim in my work ‘The date as an object of welcome’ was to explore the relationships which surround my cultural object. I transferred my drawing work from 2D to 3D, which I thought would help me to make contact with social spaces in this time of lockdown when we cannot have contact with people because of the isolation.


I regard this experience as very interesting and I evoked social relationships and sought to create interaction with my object. I think that Paperboyo studies the location before setting up the shot and considers the possibilities for the paper form which most closely and actively use the site, and I guess that if I applied this technique, I could get more in-depth results by expanding the drawing of some elements of hospitality, such as dates and coffee spilt from pots, or a coffee cup with a group of people, to create expressive combinations of hospitality elements in outdoor spaces. By collaborating with each other and realizing that possibility, I think that it will be very creative and will create a time and place for us to communicate and exchange ideas.

A Paperboyo photograph

What was enjoyable for me until now is when I explored this experience and was searching for relationships and social spaces through this cultural element, there was a conversation and connection between my son and me, who was shared his opinion and took the photos and video for the date, which mean that the social spaces in this experience were present, but it was not around me, but have been lived in it. It's really interesting and strange that I do not notice this early.

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