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Scanner and Photos..

Draw on the scanner..

I played with the dates to draw something on the scanner to express how people in Saudi society meet and use dates every day in my culture. I took different photos in different colours and formations. This experiment helped me to think more about the images of the dates and to find how they function and what they mean in my culture. My intention was to improve my work and develop my ideas more by asking ‘How can drawing practice usefully interrogate the everyday objects/foods of Saudi culture and social ritual? 

So I started drawing practice and drew a date as a medium to paint and print, which improved my understanding of the meaning of the date. 

I then looked again at my photographic studies of the dates in different formations.

Photoshop experiences …
Heading 5
I used Photoshop to create different effects. I made different layers with different colours inspired by my culture, such as green - red- yellow – blue - orange – purple, and then I played with the mood which the layers created to see the results for all the colours together. 

Social Life Taste..

From the original place, through the social and geographical conditions surrounding it, Date formed the Saudi society in the different images and colours from the community. To draw and create the table of taste social life, which be flexible, including saving her identity and original functioning in Saudi social life in different steps.



I relocate the image and think about the Date differently, which takes dates we see in everyone's home, table, and food cupboard, in a new position that gives a date, a focal point to pay particular attention in Saudi social life.



Andy Warhol in Campbell's Soup Cans (1962) inspired me in his work, in which I think that he gets credit for taking something we see in everyone and every day and making it a central position to which we should pay special consideration.


In these photos, I see the Date as a central cultural element which I can take it as a way to understand many traditional notions in Saudi Arabia, in a different area, spaces, places and locations. In an attempt to expand the conventional cultural contents of societal practices in Saudi Arabia.

Print the selected image

The expressions which I found in the images enabled me to I see the date in different situations for all aspects of life (black and white; happiness and sadness; life and death) in Saudi society once I could see the dates individually or as binary pairs.

Experimentation in different places …

When I printed the images on rice paper and put them in the wall, I saw something happen: the images seemed to move on the wall and this gave me different emotions and made me wonder how this happened. Did the dates which are part of my culture interact with a new place?

Experimentation in different positions
I continued to experiment and test the images of the dates in different places and with different raw materials in my attempts to access the meaning.

I framed the date …

Put it on a plate …

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