Copeland Gallery

22 - 28 June 2021


Installation: two tied white cloth bags hanging from the ceiling;
three small pieces of cloth installed on the wall.

This installation represents the welcome and the creation of social space among the audience through the two elements of Saudi hospitality, dates and coffee. It offers another way to feel the hospitality by smelling the coffee and touching the dates.

Through my previous experiments with participants, I realised their interest in sensing the smell of the ingredients inside the tied fabric bags, which reminded me of the places of hospitality in my country when we entered a place filled with the smell of coffee which would indicate to us that it is the place designated for hospitality and welcome.

It is an act of generosity and welcoming in an effort to create a social space in another way that does not depend on eating and drinking. The two pieces of cloth dangling from the ceiling carrying within them dates and Arabic coffee reflect the method which I have adopted for welcoming guests in another way that does not depend on food but on the other senses of touch and smell.

The three small pieces attached to the wall here reflect the audience's past reactions when sharing this culture while trying to make coffee.

This participation work opened wide areas for me in my experimental artistic work, as I had not thought before of representing hospitality using smell and touch until I was inspired by the audience reaction, and that was exciting for me. I shall seek to move forward towards studying the impact which the audience participants have left during these social engagements because they can create research artworks on social communication and spaces.

2 opportunities to display work, a giant hoarding at the base of the Walkie Talkie building and a video projection in Fleet Street. 

giant hoarding at the base of the Walkie Talkie building

work is now available to view by the public until October.

A5, Drawing, Ink on paper, Date Dates from time immemorial until now among the Saudis

pictures of the hoarding with work by graduating students from art, design and performance at Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon. 

Drawing, ink on paper A5

These drawings reflect my story about dates and how they established a high social position in Saudi society. It is a narrative that reflects the different generations across history from the nomads to the present generations.


These were two great opportunities for me to be able to share two of my works. The opportunity was open to all subjects, materials and sizes, and I was strongly encouraged to be part of these spaces through my work. The main objective of this public exhibition was to revive social interaction after the total isolation imposed during the successive lockdowns in London, which I found very stimulating, especially as I am interested in such areas of social spaces and communication.

Video, 0:39. Date. 


The video projection in the Daily Express building in Fleet Street will now only take place in September to take advantage of the darker evenings.

The Mini Show


curated by Katrina Blannin.


Private View 4-6 pm

Thursday 12th August


CG35 (opposite CLS)



Performance by Afrah Babkair at 4.30pm

Film Screening by Zoe Zhou at 4.45pm

This show was an excellent opportunity to look at my work from another perspective from the partners in Camplowell and to test my artwork before submitting to and also to prepare it for the graduate show.


It was a chance to look at all the details and elements in the work to know what worked well and how I could improve it to be ready for the final show, and also to be sure that it would achieve the meaning and aims of my research artwork.


I thought about how I could improve the zine by having it printed by a digital print in black and white to make it closer to a newspaper, which would better fit the context and the concept of the work.


I shall also show different sizes of photos on a wall showing all the previous experiments because I think that this is an essential part of this work which presents the real meaning of this work and how it is associated with social spaces and the meaning of cultural exchange.

I also think that I shall be adding the conversation for this experience to combine it with the sound of Arabic music, which I sense will evoke the social environment of this work.

In this practice-based research study, I have discussed how the traditional Saudi culture of hospitality can create a social space for participants to create a new context for the culture after it has been shifted to a new location. I have examined the date in my practices as a symbol of the Saudi hospitality culture and re-presented it in different social spaces, which creates a new coding of this culture after participants have accepted it and interacted with it in a new location. These influences of this practice-based research are shown in the new places, diversity, connections, relationships, cultural exchanges and a community for us; it allows the audience participants to create a new scenario for this culture in a unique place of interrelations where they have to harmonize without issues of difference through the practice of the conventional notions of hospitality in Saudi Arabia. Further, the focus of this research study was on creating a new context for Saudi hospitality in a contemporary practice, but future work can adopt a similar focus by researching the impact of this context on the shape of this authentic culture and its manifestation in a new artwork. This might reveal further findings and make us consider its effect on its original identity and its social coding within

What the next..


And London Grads Now at Saatchi Gallery

are Two great opportunities that will come soon. I am seeking to participate in both of them, as it is good to join such professional events in London, which I think maybe a good chance of the work to reach the largest segment that may include people interested in the field of art, which helps to discuss ideas that may benefit the artist in consideration To his artwork from another perspective 



In another side, as a lecturer at the Princess Norah University for women in Saudi Arabia, I intend to apply to study for a PhD at a UK university. Upon my return to Saudi Arabia, I would like to be a researcher specialising in the arts field who will raise the artistic level through critical thinking. I want to take it as a challenge to become one of the most powerful women in Saudi Arabia who studied Art and will not only improve herself, but will also inspire a new generation of female students. I also intend to work as a freelance artist who has experience of participating in exhibitions and in galleries which are related to my theme.

Because I come from the Arabic culture and am so interested in working in cultural art, I am particularly committed to finding the resources and opportunities which I have explored specific to my research into culture, contemporary art, the Arab region and audience participation. I am looking for galleries which will support and promote the dissemination of emerging contemporary artists, particularly artists interested in cultural art and Arab artists. I want to find galleries which provide opportunities to unlock collaboration between artists across the world and in the Arab world.

I am also very interested in drawing and this reflects a large element of my ideas, my personality and my skills. I have found that the Drawing Room is one of the sites which I like to visit it, and the Drawing Room’s engagement programme can help my research into participant interaction and social spaces.