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I Shall Give You The Date In Any Place You Are..

Video (05:13 munites), Instaltion 45x65- 150x45

From Saudi home, From the tent, the original hospitality generosity place, the simplest picture of hospitality represent in a dish of the date with the rich, yellow Arabic coffee that mix with strong cardamom smell, fills the place from a distinct Saudi flavour in the middle of space.

the space that joins us together in a unity place with a cultural diversity 

This work explores the concept of hospitality by looking at the reaction of the participants whom I attempted to engage in this meaning-focused experiment.

Reward, unlimited bounty, generosity and simplicity.
The material and method of this work were based on what fitted with displaying the simplicity of hospitality in the past which is summarised in the old Arabic phrase ‘Generosity from what there is’ which signifies that a person’s generosity is best offered if he provides what is in his home, whether a little or a lot, expensive or inexpensive.

The use of the cloth band (al-Buqsha) is an indication of the way in which valuables were kept safe in the past for anything which a Saudi person owns, and the way in which people carry them on their back when they move from one place to another reflects the value of dates and the ease of transporting them from one place to another. By sending this work to participants in several different places, I could easily effect the exchange.

Al Thamrah (Date) I shall give it to you in any place you are to make our connection in any way you prefer.

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