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Thinking through Drawing ..

After I had finished the first draft of my proposal, I found it difficult to connect my work with my research idea, so I tried to find the meaning of the object which I worked on in the drawing practices.

I used different ways to draw dates from the top or the other side.



Ink and watercolour on the paper A4

I used the date as a print medium on the paper and scanner to think it through.


Is it food or more than that ...


I tried to abstract the shape for the main object of my research by using the date and its seeds as a brush with the ink on the paper, and I found that dates are the shelter that people look for to find safety and a sense of belonging.

all these drawings gave me many questions to think about, such as:


Does the date contain all humankind or only the person who possesses it? 
Are we still around it or we are inside it?
Is there any continuing relationship between the date and us?
Do all these questions arise because we know it is a natural object, and through the human element of the date, we can see its final form?
Do we get that feeling because the date has a function in Saudi culture related to welcoming people and giving them hospitality? 
Or perhaps because we encounter the date together on different occasions of happiness or sadness?

All these questions make me know more about what is it and the relationship between us and the date and how that meaning helps me to find the place with the unique culture where we can combine with each other in one place in harmonious and constructive ways without any sense of our differences.


Ink and on paper A4

Ink with pastel in paper 


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