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As a surfer, I find myself sometimes up or down the wave, inside it or outside, part from or all of it,

As a physical researcher,  

like the scientist in his laboratory, a teacher in his class, a chef in his kitchen, I check, analyze and keep working. 


I try to get an explanation, that can be observed or measured without changing the object's identity, the material that reflects my culture, practices, and societal feelings.

Red, green, and yellow made this place interestingly different from usual, to be our own with more diverse, but without disagree, which creates a unique place for us.

Through all these experiences, I found myself in the cultural world, which allows us to share many of our backgrounds that can fit us together with diversify and create our practices in the first or linked us with nature. 

So far, I still look forward to more exploration and check it out in the following experiences to reach the specific meaning.

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