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Artist’s statement 

I am interested in a culture-based art which signifies the continued relationships between humans and nature through the cultural practices generated automatically in a specific place. Through my practice-based research, I seek to understand the cultural concept of place through the objects, rituals, activities, traditions and customs which are valued in Saudi society.

I intend to explore how I can use drawing practices to interrogate the cultural concept of place. I shall use the date as a cultural symbol which, even though it is only a small piece of food, carries a multitude of meanings associated with it and its function within Saudi society in order to retrieve and preserve spatial memory. The date carries part of the Saudi cultural heritage and I shall experiment with it in new environments and link it to the contemporary cultural society. I use the date as a printing and drawing medium to think its implications through. Video art is part of my artwork; it helps me to imagine cultural places through my experiments with dates in those new places to confirm the theory of living during and after the investigation. ​


I review culture and identity within this narrative and make a story for the audience, constantly seeking to create new places and relationships for us to use and I imagine this as a unique place where we can harmonize without any differences but with a lot of diversity. I want to search more for cultural harmony between different peoples among these cultural practices to try to understand the cultural concept of place through my artworks.

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