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Artist’s Statement


I am interested in culture-based art which explores the continuing connections between communities through cultural exchange in new places. Through my practice-based research, I strive to create a social space and a new context for a Saudi culture which is inspired by the value given to cultural objects, rituals, activities, traditions and customs for providing hospitality in Saudi society.


I intend to explore how I can use my art practices to interrogate the new context of the conventional notion of hospitality. I shall use dates as a cultural symbol of traditional Saudi hospitality. Dates are small pieces of food which reflect a welcoming and generosity and carry many meanings associated with hospitality in Saudi society, and representing them in a new location inspires me to create a new context for my culture. I played with the date as elements in my Installation, as a medium for drawing and as a sculpture in media, and then combined these notions to inspire me to improve my idea to evoke this new narrative and spaces to create the installation project which brought my research together and created the new social spaces. Much of my work is influenced by relational aesthetics, psycho-geography and the lived experience for the cultural identity in a new location.


My work reflects my culture and identity within this narrative. It lets the participants create a new scenario for this culture, constantly seeking to create new places and relationships for us to use. I imagine this as a unique place where we can harmonize without any differences but with a lot of diversity with a new narrative.

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