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Artist statement



I am interested in practising culture-based art, exploring social connections and community through cultural exchange. The places, objects, rituals, traditions, and customs of Saudi society are central. I explore its authentic acts of hospitality and the related values of meetings, generosity and welcoming visitors. 


My artworks chart the construction of social spaces and activities that define Saudi living experiences. Merleau-Ponty’s ‘Phenomenology’, Bourriaud’s 'Relational Aesthetics' and the ‘psychogeography of space’ underpin a rationale for generating fresh human interactions. The distinctive practices of my homeland are enacted in different regional contexts to evoke new harmonies and cross-cultural narratives.


The floor piece Aljawd Min Almawjud or (‘The Generosity From Existing’), is a performative invitation to experience Saudi hospitality. Viewers are welcomed to join the meeting and engage with its settings and rituals. Dates and Arabic coffee are essential elements of this composition. The participants share the food and make coffee in their own particular way, thus bringing together personal histories in a practice that supports unity and diversity. 


The accompanying pictures, stories, articles and drawings on the walls and in the zine represent religious, social and economic positionality. This research-based evidence shows the stimulation of discussion and debate to be an integral part of Saudi culture. Arab music and Saudi folk songs create an enjoyable atmosphere, also implying a positive cultural environment. 


My work reflects my culture and identity within this narrative. It allows the audience participants to create a new scenario for this culture. I imagine this as a unique place of interrelations where we can harmonise without issues of difference. 

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